Swatch Watch: Colourpop Matte Liquid Lipstick

How awesome are the fab people over at! I found this swatch matrix, yes matrix, on pinterest and had to share. 

They provide a full review on the product HERE and below is an epic collage of all 25 shaded of the upcoming ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick

Have you tried Colour Pop? Share your experiences and matte shade in the comments. 

xo - Janelle

August Pick of the Month: Birthday Suit by Mischo Beauty

When the gorgeous Kitiya Mischo of Award-winning cosmetic brand Mischo Beauty, revealed lacquer nail color "Birthday Suit", my heart nearly skipped a beat. How amazingly gorgeous. I've been known to keep my nails, much like my wardrobe- matte and chic. I always gravitate to rosey mauves and femine neutrals. 

In walks "Birthday Suit".... the real beauty MVP, at least for me anyway. She is my August Beauty Pick of the Month. You're right Mischo Beauty, this is LIVING! 

And if the hue alone doesnt captavlite you, the health and wellness ethos will. All Mischo Beauty products are free of formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, xylene and parabens. Can you say GIRL POWER at its finest?!

Shop the entire collection at

xo- Janelle

Brand Intro: DESSANGE Paris

A symbol of French luxury and arbiter of the covetable ‘French Girl’ style, hair care brand DESSANGE Paris is the creator of some of most recognizable hair styles in history including the iconic “Coiffé-Décoiffé” – a tousled undone look created by DESSANGE Paris founder Jacques Dessange that was the style du jour for French icons like Brigit Bardot.

DESSANGE PARIS Purifying Clay Balancing Pre-Shampoo Mask - $11.99

This first clay-in-mask pre-shampoo regulating treatment specifically targets an oily scalp with a breakthrough skin purifying technology. The 30% mineral green clay concentration works to absorb sebum excess and regulate oil production over time while the professional application brush, allows for even, targeted coverage. The scalp is left deeply purified, helping to drastically reduce excess oil production. Dating back to ancient times, the virtues of clay have been used for centuries in cosmetic and therapeutic remedies to absorb sebum, eliminate toxins and serve as an antiseptic. Use once a week on dry hair, applying it generously to the roots with the application brush. Leave on hair for five to ten minutes and rinse thoroughly.

DESSANGE PARIS Purifying Clay Balancing Shampoo - $9.99

The second step to the Purifying Clay system, the pro-vitamin b5 enhanced shampoo helps to minimize oily roots and produce soft, perfectly balanced hair. The pro-vitamin b5 is known for its protective properties of the fiber capillary, helping repair and soften the hair from roots to ends. Your hair and scalp will become rebalanced and with the added benefit of a light cherry, violet, and vanilla scent. After using the pre-shampoo mask, rinse hair with the regulating shampoo to help balance hair.

Thank you DESSANGE for spending product! I absolutely love the collection. 

xo - Janelle

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