Fight the good fight

As told by Joyce Meyer.Β 

How to Fight the Good Fight

We are to "fight the good fight of faith" against the enemy - but what does that look like practically? Here are six key strategies:

1. Think aggressively. Plan and calculate, like a general preparing for battle, how to engage and defeat the enemy.

2. Pray fervently. Hebrews 4:16 instructs us to approach God's throne confidently. Step forward with confidence and tell Him what you need.

3. Speak fearlessly. First Peter 4:11 (AMP) says, "Whoever speaks, [let him do it as one who utters] oracles of God." You and I are to have a spiritually commanding voice against the forces of evil.

4. Give abundantly. The way we give is the way we receive (see Luke 6:38). Live a life of generosity.

5. Work intently. Whatever we put our hand to, we need to do it aggressively (see Eccl. 9:10). Stir yourself up in the Holy Spirit and get the job done.

6. Love unconditionally. As children of God, we must love others as God loves us, unconditionally and sacrificially.

Take these steps, and when the enemy comes, you'll be filled with God's power and unbeatable.

Goal Setting

Word of the day: Believe God for more. What has been placed in you will always have greater vision than resources. When you are preparing and strategizing, believe that God knows the resources required to move things forward or necessary to take things to the next level. Don’t look at your current finances or resources as a guiding post. The exceedingly and abundantly more is coming! Dream extreme. Plan and except even more. xo - Janelle


Answer The Call

When you answer the calling over your life, it will make others uncomfortable. Not everyone will understand it. Not everyone will support it. And you yourself must adjust your fresh to live in the fullness of your spiritual reality. Do not abort mission. Do not give up. Do not give in. Persist... and Persevere. Because in this season of your life, you should accept NOTHING less than your destiny. 😘


Receiving The Gift


Word of the day: Sometimes it’s difficult to understandand receive the gifts that God gives you because of the wrapping or presentation. Not every gift comes in a pretty pink or Tiffany blue box. From time to time, the packaging of our gifts are off-putting because they may be too hard to unwrap or are delivered during less than favorable circumstances. But as a gift nonetheless, receiving what is divinely assigned to you is a vital part of our growth and the full manifestation of our blessings. Today is the day to fully receive every gift. No good thing will be kept from you. xo - Janelle