The Code of Affirmation

New York City is full of impactful people in constant motion. Often, you find yourself maneuvering through life and not necessarily living it. At least for me anyway. As we all know, life is filled with extremely highs and the downturning of lows. Albeit, you must remain positive, enlightened and connected to your purpose. 

Last year I was introduced to what I call, "The Code of Affirmation". Simply put, you ARE whatever follows your "I am"... statement. In living this life, we sometimes focus on what's going wrong, what we materialistically lack, instead of harvesting positive thoughts and affirmation. You ARE in fact what YOU say you ARE!

Join me in the CODE. A covenant of positivity and strength. A declaration of self to purposefully act out your gifts, talents and triumphs. To take back your life and its direction by reaffirming your being. What ARE YOU? What do you need to affirm today? What has been placed in you that you need to remember and take ownership of? 

Feel free to download, share and use whichever code best describes you! Use hashtag #thecodeofaffirmation so that we can encourage one another to honor the code. 

For me, today...I am ENOUGH! What are you?