The Book: How To Make Glitter

When you're a believer, everything shifts. Every action, every decision, every milestone, has a greater elevation of purpose, or for that matter, authority. When I started my business 13 years ago, Suite Public Relations, I simply wanted to create. However, along the way, my higher calling to harness the power of my purpose continued to echo in my ear. At times, the tone was distracting, that was, when I struggled to ignore it. And other times, the divine thoughts effortlessly flowed and my answers became clear. I needed, no -- desired, to divinely align my God given talents with my business acumen. 

My initial thought was that my public relations firm did NOT directly honor God OR my purpose. "How do I fix that?" was the question I asked myself daily. I attempted a literal approach by seeking out gospel artists or Christian brands to represent, but much to no avail, it didn't stick. It wasn't natural to me and I felt like I was "over doing it". It wasn't until I became clear about what my life's purpose was, that I was able to silence those hair-raising questions. 

My purpose is to INSPIRE. My purpose is to EDUCATE. My purpose is to WORSHIP. "How To Make Glitter" is the divine intersection of my faith, my story, my trials and my triumphs. It is my love letter to Christian entrepreneurs; maneuvering you through business as you harness your purpose and apply your faith principles to every situation, both personally and professionally.