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gorgeous grind group coaching

$297 Registration

Coaching sessions are a weekly deep dive meeting designed to advance your company's perception in the marketplace, develop brand strategies to increase revenue and ignite your passion for success.

8-week session (web conference)

starts feb.17th @ 1pm pst/4pm EST

I have a holistic 360 approach to coaching. MIND... BODY... and SOUL. After 13 years of business, I have found that it is pertinent that entrepreneurs grow themselves as well as grow their business. Brokenness in either area will not produce or manifest your greatest dreams. There are principles of life that first must be addressed so that they may later be applicable to your business. 

Gorgeous Grind is for female ENTREPRENEURS who have launched their businesses and desire coaching to elevate their brand in all areas. If you are a new entrepreneur or haven’t launched yet, please sign up for our DREAM-HER group coaching.

In an intimate group setting YOU WILL BE GUIDED TO:

1. Strategically elevate your brand perception

2. Create multiple streams of revenue from your primary business

3. Learn how to effectively manage your work life

4. Master exercises to keep you focused and productive

5. Establish or develop an epic brand identity that will ensure your brand is aesthetically pleasing and high performing 

6. Assert tools that will create alignment and restore balance in your faith

7. Create an actionable revenue strategy for the calendar year

8. Clearer perspective on brand practices and faith principle integrations

9. Methods of self-care and heighten consciousness

10. Tools and scripts to effectively communicate your brand message, goals and scalability. 

**includes ONE private 1:1 coaching session**