OOTD: Busy Bee Chic

The gross reality about fashion PR, is that it is far from glamorous. Sure, there are days filled with celebrity red carpets, haute couture fittings, and elaborate showroom visits; but for the very most part, being a publicist is work. Real-life, hard work. It isn't always Samantha Jones circa Smith Jared Sex in the City, part one and two. 

I always tell aspiring pr girls, that being a publicist is a lifestyle career. Meaning, everything you wear, eat, see, attend, watch and love is influenced by your day-to-day operations and your business. 

On this day, I found myself juggling two client meetings at once while trying to get an outfit of the day photo in. I thought to myself, "this is ridiculous". But duty called, and if I can effectively multitask, I should. Keyword is effectively! So excuse the iPhone 5c hanging from my ear, I was on my weekly conference call with men's jewelry brand Leo's Wisdom, a SUITE Public Relations client. 

What I'm wearing:

Forever 21 white leather jacket, denim button down shirt from Forever 21, navy paisley sequin skirt from Missquided, nude leather pumps from Forever 21 and grey faux ostrich tote bag from Just Fab.