Just starting out in the business or want to take your capabilities to the next level? Contacts are key! Whether you're pitching a new client or desire to schedule desksides with top tier media editors, you must have a thorough media list for your niche. With 12 years as the Founder and Publicist for Suite Public Relations, I know how important it is to have the proper contacts and nurture them. 

Invest in yourself and your brand success. Shop my collection of the ultimate PR Girl Tool: THE MEDIA LISTS! I've done the hard work for you. In each list, compiled in an Excel spreadsheet, you will find the contact information for top editors and freelance writers, their social media links, and topics they cover. Take your level of service to the upper echelon of PR Girl mastery. With these lists, and proper pitching, you can garner top level media attention for your clients and your portfolio. 

Once you have purchased your list below, the spreadsheet document will be immediately available for download. Don't forget to purchase a "Werk the Pitch" workbook to guide you through the best practices to garner high-impacting impressions. Start pitching immediately and get your clients published!

Don't see the list you need? Email me for a custom request. (Availability may vary) Continue to check back. More lists to come!

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