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What’s the tea? See what boss babes like you are saying about my coaching programs.

Janelle is truly gifted! If I had to describe my coaching experience in one word, it would be TRANSFORMATIONAL! This is not your typical coaching! What she has taught me has completely changed my business, brand, AND my life. Find out for yourself how transformational her coaching sessions are.
— Lessa Davis, A Princes Like Me
I got so much more than I expected with my coaching sessions. I expected it to be only about my business but Janelle made me do the work on my body and my soul. Who I am on the inside directly affects everything that I am trying to do on the outside. She’s is so much more than just a coach, this group is so much more than just a video conference call. I looked forward to it every week and began to dread the eventual end. This coaching has made me more than just a better entrepreneur, It’s made me a better person.
— Sabrina Parker, Sow Baby
Janelle brings not just a spiritual guide to living out God’s promise but also an authentic space to ADDRESS and SHIFT my mindset about anything that inhibited me from His plan. She is a thought partner with an incredible sense of business, in which she is open to sharing all the “do’s and don’ts” to, and character. Her ability to address character and its impact on your calling magnified the journey to building a solid brand! She has been and will be invaluable to me.
— Natasha Gordon, NJG Consulting
My experience with being a part of the DreamHer Program has been amazing. Janelle has definitely taught me things regarding being an entrepreneur that I have not learned before. Not only did I learn a lot of things but Janelle put God first in all of our meetings, restored my confidence within myself and my business, provided one-on-one support, assisted me with my logo and website, and so much more!

It’s not every day you find someone who wants to genuinely invest their time, resources, and services to help you excel. Janelle was always available and made sure I remained focused throughout the entire process. I would recommend anyone to take this program to help propel their business forward.
— Shakema Cyrus, Gem Experience
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Janelle has been invaluable to the relaunch of my business. She is a strategist, thought provoker, purpose pusher, and my biggest cheerleader! What I love most is the tailored experience, her advice is styled to my personal aspirations and not a one size fits all approach. Janelle’s uplifting, positive, and amusing personality, all while getting you completely together makes it easy to open up and amazing to work with. I wasn’t 100% sure of what to expect when signing up for DreamHer; Janelle has certainly exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be working with her again!
— Christy Spence, Elizabeth L Events
I learned more about myself than I expected during our coaching as Janelle addressed spiritual and personal attributes related to the success of my business. This experience has demanded that I be a better steward of my time and talents. Although challenging at times, it has allowed me to see what I’m capable of once I deal with self-doubt and accept the feelings that come with starting something new. I feel much more confident in my abilities and excited about the future of my business.
— Jewel Gregory, Optimum Training Co.