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Launch, build and grow your business with my coaching programs.


on-demand coaching session + q&A [90 mins] $97

Need a business boost or recharge? Want to gain clarity on specific business concerns? Need guidance on next steps? Let's chat and explore major areas of your business. Ask me anything! Let’s get to work!



Do you have a dream or idea that you’d want… no NEED to launch in 8 weeks? It’s more than possible! With my DREAM-her Group Coaching program you launch in 8 weeks, get TRIBE support, and win!

gorgeous grind coaching $500 per month

Your next level starts now! Your business frustrations are over. If you want results-driven coaching, look no further. Gain measurable growth for your business from a high performing entrepreneur and business coach.


WERK her coaching $137 per month

Curated with the busy boss babe in mind. Book unlimited 1:1 coaching sessions to level up in business, branding, digital and strategy initiatives. Program is billed monthly, cancel anytime.


Janelle is truly gifted!  If I had to describe my coaching experience in one word, it would be TRANSFORMATIONAL!  This is not your typical coaching!  What she has taught me has completely changed my business, brand, AND my life.  Find out for yourself how transformational her coaching sessions are.  – Lessa Davis, Houston, TX


Janelle has been invaluable to the relaunch of my business.  She is a strategist, thought provoker, purpose pusher, and my biggest cheerleader! What I love most is the tailored experience, her advice is styled to my personal aspirations and not a one size fits all approach. Janelle’s uplifting, positive, and amusing personality, all while getting you completely together makes it easy to open up and amazing to work with. I wasn’t 100% sure of what to expect when signing up for DreamHer; Janelle has certainly exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be working with her again! - Christy Spence, Dallas, TX


I’ve learned that my personal issues, no matter how “minute” I envisioned them to be, were affecting my business.  I can’t excel as an entrepreneur, if other areas of my life are not in alignment with Christ. I’m learning that everything is interconnected: self/spiritual work and business.  As a Christian, these values are important. Janelle’s integration of business savvy, self-care and spiritual nourishment is not only crucial, but a very wise strategy.  I have progressed a lot during this process. - Lateisha Clement, New York, NY

Janelle brings not just a spiritual guide to living out God’s promise but also an authentic space to ADDRESS and SHIFT my mindset about anything that inhibited me from His plan. She is a thought partner with an incredible sense of business, in which she is open to sharing all the “do’s and don’ts. Her ability to address character traits and its impact on your calling magnified the journey to building a solid brand! She has been and will be INVALUABLE to me. - Natasha Gordon, Bronx, NY