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purpose pusher + serial entrepreneur + influencer & coach = the life stylist!


Almost three decades ago, Janelle’s mother created a fantasy fashion company named “Fantasy Plaza” to keep the inquisitive young fashionista busy. In present day, Janelle has brought that fantasy to fruition with her 13-year old boutique public relations firm, SUITE Public Relations.

Initially setting out to follow in her mother’s footsteps in medicine, Janelle completed her studies at the University of Cincinnati with a concentration in Medial Technology / Clinical Laboratory Science. Through a series of professional events and opportunities, Janelle quickly rekindled her love for fashion and beauty with the 2005 launch of SUITE PR.

Today, Janelle is a serial entrepreneur, influencer and life coach. Her clients and partnerships include Miss Jessies’, Lexus, LATHER, Becca Cosmetics, Banana Republic, Saks Fifth Avenue, GAP, Club Monaco and Abercrombie.

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